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  Upgrade your skills (and your bank account)

A couple things to know about applying to the team

The era of "un-paid" work is over. At Startups & Scholars, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and get paid while doing it! 


This is a fully remote, part-time opportunity with a range of potential assignments at hand. We try out best to match you with assignments closest to your expertise- whether you're a marketing major, graphic designer, finance, CS, etc- and offer you the chance to try out other assignments you might be interested in. Maybe you're a graphic designer who also is interested in marketing... here you can do both!

Hours are flexible here- we care about getting work done, getting it done right, and completing it on time. As long as it fits that criteria, the "when" is up to you! We go by this for 3 reasons: (1) You have a busy class schedule that varies with busy peaks, flexibility is a must-have. (2) Our clients sometimes require "after hour" meetings given their own busy schedules. (3) We are fully remote, time management is a huge indicator of a successful candidate.

Lastly, we are looking for GO-GETTERS, not experts. We value those who can contribute to the team with a positive attitude, an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to learn.


Have the chance to work hands-on with real startups, entrepreneurs, and small business

Manage project life cycles, learn how to run client meetings, brainstorm creative solutions, and see feasible results from your hard work

growth opportunity

Start as a Project Associate & work with students to complete various projects. Grow to a Team Lead where you will manage projects, client meetings, the delegation of assignments to project associates, and continue to work hands-on while doing so.


Still growing and excelling? Have the chance to become a Sr. Team Lead where you will be looked at for expertise among the team & client assignments

build your resume

At Startups & Scholars, we open the doors to a wide range of assignments. Have the chance to try major-specific assignments or try something new


Web design and creation, writing, video editing, market research, business model development, forecasting & financials, sales, graphic design, virtual events & more. If it's remote, we can do it


Meet startups, entrepreneurs, and small business from all over. Connect with fellow students from a handful of schools ranging in CT, MA, and NY

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