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About Us

Innovating Since 2018


Rob Zielonka

Founder & Chairmen

Jules Kelly

Co-Founder, CEO

Mike Heiser

Co-Founder, CEO

Back in 2018, a local CT entrepreneur wanted to disrupt the market with his new product, a portable kegerator. However, he faced a challenge: starting his business with little funding and balancing family and a full-time job.

So he devised a solution: college students. He approached two college kids with the idea to connect students to startups – students get real-world experience (and paid), and startups get professional-grade work at an affordable rate. As entrepreneurial minds themselves, Jules and Mike knew this idea was too good not to join.

Flash forward to now, Startups and Scholars has been successfully providing college students with life-changing internships while directly contributing to the success of passionate local entrepreneurs, like you!

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